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With PredictBet football prediction algorithm you can earn more on your bets. Our predictive model uses machine learning algorithms to predict the outcome of the game before match day.

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Get today's football predictions and analysis, powered by our algorithms! This is the one-stop place for the world's best predictions, stats and analysis!

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Which Football Leagues Are Covered By Us?

We cover all top European football leagues. Each of these leagues has distinctive qualities and characteristics that make it interesting to watch them play. We focus on the major leagues like:

Premier League
La Liga
Serie A

Best Artificial Intelligence Football Prediction Site

At PredictBet we want to give our users the upper hand when it comes to betting. No more bookmakers having the extra edge over their players. Now we have the data!

The right way to predict a football match is to have the data on hand! This means using bet predictions based on complex mathematical and machine learning models. PredictBet is a unique preediction system that uses proper mathematical models and historical data in order to give our users the upper hand when it comes to betting.

Our app provides a ton of useful features like live score, schedules, match coverage and historical data. Bookmaker odds and match highlights are also included.

We aim to show football predictions in the easiest way possible. Our percentages make it super easy for anyone to make the right prediction.

Leading Football Prediction Site

PredictBet offers top football predictions, tips, analysis and football highlights.

Fixture Predictions

PredictBet provides live scores and predictions for football matches up to two weeks before the match date. Simply select your favourite team and see who will win in real-time.

Historic AI Data

We have collected over 14 years of historic data that drives our AI predictions model. Our predictions aim to bring you a better understanding, and ultimately help you make better decisions.

Bookmaker Odds

Our website helps you find the best odds, so you can make the bets that give you more profit. We provide some insights on the match and odds movements to ensure that you are getting value in your bets.

Football Highlights

We make watching football highlights as easy as possible. So you can watch all the latest goals, clips and amazing moments without any worry of ads or interruptions.

Football Predictions For Tomorrow

Get tomorrow's football predictions and analysis with the most precise result on the market. Use our artificial intelligence to win more bets.

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Frequently asked questions

Our AI predictions model uses machine learning algorithms to predict the outcome of the game before match day. Our AI uses historical data that goes back to 14 years and uses this data to make accurate predictions.

Our AI currently only predicts football matches. If you require any other type of sports, we recommend visiting

As you may already know, there are plenty of websites to choose from. platform offers wolrd leading AI football predictions, football highlights, match analysis and stats.

Using you can find all major betting markets. From there you can find a market that has a high win percentage predicted. From our experience, it's much easier to bet on total amount of goals scored in the game.

AI prediction is used on sites that provide sports event results and information. Machine learning allows the probability of an outcome occurring to be estimated using a model created from previously observed data.

By using our high win percentage predictions. There are plenty of matches played where one team is favourite of winning. Look for our green percentage tags and compare them to opposing teams percentage. If there is a large difference, then this bet will most likely win.


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